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2022 Gold Mining Stock Trends — Gold Outlook, How it’s Going, Where it’s Headed

January 31, 2022

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2022 Gold Trends – Gold Outlook, How it’s Going, Where it’s Headed

Gold Stock Trends 2022 — Gold has long been viewed as a safe haven asset during inflationary periods or when other markets are experiencing turbulence. While the traditional method of investing in gold is by buying gold bullion, numerous investors have gained exposure to precious metals by buying gold mining stocks or investing in gold exploration companies.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, gold outperformed other markets, reaching historical highs in 2020. While it lagged slightly in 2021, the value of gold was still significantly higher in a five, ten, and 20-year comparison. With gold prices at $1,845 USD per ounce at writing, the metal lays a strong foundation during Q1 2022. As it stands, the economy is hot and to cool it down, and the Federal Reserve intends to raise interest rates (the Federal Funds rate) earlier than expected. The stock market is reacting quickly, with the Nasdaq 100 already in correction zone, leaving many investors on the edge of their seats. When interest rates rise, what can investors expect from the gold market?

Experts believe the precious metal will remain an attractive asset regardless of what the Federal Reserve does with monetary policy. However, to rally in 2022, gold would have to fight off competition from other alternative assets, such as cryptocurrencies — which, like gold, are also scarce and which many investors use to hedge against inflation. With the recent crash of cryptocurrency, the odds of a rally are leaning in gold’s favour.


Key Drivers of Gold Price Performance in 2022

Investors flock to gold as a safe-haven asset because gold price performance regularly rallies during uncertain times. Gold has both pro-cyclical and anti-cyclical characteristics.

  • Investment drivers affect both short and medium-term gold price performance. On the other hand, consumer demand, long-term savings, central bank demand, and supply dynamics affect long-term price dynamics.
  • Historically, the elements that influence gold can be divided into four broad categories:
    • The Health of Fiat Currency — the strength and weakness of the US dollar and other currencies
    • Inflation, interest rates, income growth, consumer confidence, and tail risks contribute to economic growth and market volatility.
    • Price momentum derivatives positioning are examples of tactical flows.
    • Other gold demands and supply dynamics include mine production and political factors affecting mines (which we discuss below).


Things to Keep on Your Gold Investing Radar

Gold investors should keep an eye out for gold stocks trading at lower valuations. Historically, gold bullion and revenue from gold equities and stocks effectively hedge against inflation. Miners have always been highly profitable, especially those with robust balance sheets.


Q1 2022 Sees an Increase in Non-Investment Gold Buyers 

Gold imports from China and India, together with central bank purchases, account for the lion’s share of non-investment demand for gold. COVID resulted in a steep decline in consumer gold demand and a sputtering economy. Meanwhile, demand for gold as an investment soared, pushing prices to all-time highs. With economies reopening, consumer demand is likely to recover. Also, with the Lunar New Year, often comes an increase in China’s demand for both non-investment and investment gold, further bumping the metal’s price. Central bank purchases will also increase as countries diversify their currency portfolios away from the US dollar.


Gold Mining Stock Trends 2022

Gold mining stocks often move in lockstep with the price of gold. However, the stock’s growth and return are contingent on the company’s predicted future earnings, not merely on the price of gold. The gold mining sector is sizable, with over 300 listed and publicly traded gold mining companies. Mining businesses range in market capitalization from junior and microcap to those with a market capitalization in the billions. When investing in gold mining stocks, consideration should be given to variables such as effective management, production costs, reserves, mine exploration and development, ESG initiatives, and hedging operations. As such, investors often turn to gold and gold mining firms to complement other assets.


Political Climate and Gold Mining

Political factors in foreign countries can impact the gold market significantly. For example, while Canadian mining companies, such as O3 Mining, operate in one of the safest countries in the world, political tensions to the east and the south can delay domestic mining production. While political conflict puts a damper on some overseas mining projects, it also increases the future scarcity of the precious metal, making gold mining stocks in politically stable places more tg.

There is no shortage of options for investors who want to gain exposure to gold, and when choosing a financial instrument, it is essential to assess your financial goals. Investing in and trading in gold stocks can be rewarding. However, like any investment, you should only buy in or trade gold and gold investment products after performing your due diligence and invest within your means. 


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