O3 Mining is the new generation of explorers and developers. By integrating sustainability best practices at the heart of our business we believe we can achieve our mission of becoming a premier gold exploration and mine development company while creating long term value for our stakeholders.


The Environment

At O3 Mining, we conduct our activities while respecting the environment in which we operate. We work in compliance and find ways to reduce our environmental impact and to coexist with our natural environment to benefit our current projects and for future generations.

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How we are minimizing our impact:

  • Using artificial intelligence technology
  • Establishing best environmental practices for drillers
  • Providing continuous training of workers (employees and contractors)
  • Increasing our field inspections
  • Advancing environmental assessments
  • Continuous legal and best practices monitoring

GHG Emissions

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Our Talent

We treat everyone equally and honourably embrace diversity and different beliefs; we work with honesty, transparency and trust in everything we do.

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Our Policies:

  • Workplace Harassment
  • Workplace Violence
  • Hiring
  • Professional Development
  • Diversity

By bringing together men and women from diverse backgrounds in an inclusive workplace, we are better able to develop solutions and deliver sustainable value for our stakeholders.


Based on O3 Mining’s value of Unity, we cultivate a “one team” workplace culture. We pride ourselves on maintaining a workplace where our employees feel valued, and their authentic selves are always welcomed. Our employees are encouraged to share their experience to inspire creativity and innovation.

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Health & Safety

We use a risk assessment approach to health and safety with prevention as the pillar of our system. We promote and manage a health and safety culture in all our activities. Even with dedicated staff implementing our health and safety system, safety is part of every employees’ responsibilities.

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Our Policies:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol policy
  • Updating our Emergency Response Plan
  • Health and Safety Due Diligence Training
  • Workplace risk assessments per job category
  • First Aid Training completed by 15+ employees
  • Established monthly health and safety indicators to improve performance

Our Covid-19 Response:

  • Developed COVID-19 Management Policy
  • Established rigorous COVID-19 risk protocols
  • Implemented sanitary measures prescribed by public health authorities
  • Provided masks and hand sanitizers to employees
  • Installed plexiglass separators in our offices and dividers in trucks
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Our Community

O3 Mining’s projects are primarily in Val-d’Or in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region of Québec, Canada. We aim to contribute to the social and economic development of our communities through locally sourcing goods and services, employing local people and supporting community initiatives. From the outset, O3 Mining has been committed to contributing to local organizations and we have established that our focus will be supporting education and health.

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Our combined collaboration is essential to the sustainability of our projects

Our Key Stakeholders:

  • Local Residents
  • First Nation communities
  • Employees
  • Municipalities
  • Government (federal and provincial)
  • Shareholders
  • Suppliers
  • Community Groups
  • NGOs
  • Future generations

Contributions to Our Local Economy

  • C$ 26 million Planned investments for 2021
  • C$ 19.8 million Investments
  • C$ 2.6 million Payroll
  • C$238, 000 Taxes& Retributions
  • C$ 69, 000 Donations & sponsorships

Working with First Nation Communities:

At O3 Mining, we acknowledge and embrace the unique views, culture, and connection to the natural environment of the Frist Nations’ communities in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. We understand the importance of engaging in early dialogue to establish successful relationships that will create a mutual understanding between the company and our communities as we continue towards production. We are informing the First Nations’ communities of our ongoing projects and how we intend to create value for the region as our activities progress.

    Position Paper

    Position Paper presented as part of the participatory process on the harmonious development of mining activity


      Marban Alliance

      For more information on the Marban Alliance project's participative approach, and to consult the meetings rapport concerning this project, please visit the project's dedicated website.

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        Requests and Reports Resolution Policy

        We want to hear from the community.
        We recognize that some work may raise questions and cause some inconvenience, and so we have created a reporting policy as a tool for our neighbors.
        Any concerns or questions will be treated with diligence and will be considered as a contribution from the community with the aim of continuous improvement.

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          Community Investment Program

          In keeping with our corporate values and mission, O3 Mining is committed to bringing long-term benefits to our host communities, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the regions where we operate.

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          O3 Mining’s Board of Directors and management believe delivering superior returns to its shareholders and long-term benefits to its stakeholders is achieved by adhering to best practices in corporate governance. Our directors are committed to using best practices of corporate governance and regulatory guidance. O3 Mining has an established set of policies rooted in openness, honesty, and accountability.

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          ECOLOGO Certification

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          O3 Mining proudly obtained UL 2723 ECOLOGO® Certification August 2021 (“ECOLOGO Certification”).  The ECOLOGO Certification for Mineral Exploration means investing sustainably, respecting our environment, being a responsible industry, and protecting our future.

          ECOLOGO Certification is a third-party voluntary sustainable development verification from a globally renown ecolabelling program.  The certification validates the company’s compliance with responsible development through an in-depth review of documentation and on-site visits that evaluates their environmental, social, and economic practices.

          For ECOLOGO certification to be granted, companies are evaluated on the following requirements:

          • Efficient use of resources
          • Air quality
          • Soil quality
          • Respect for sensitive areas and wildlife habitat

          • Recognition of the concerns and accommodation of local communities
          • Recognition of the concerns and accommodation of Aboriginal communities
          • Noise and sensory environment
          • Quality of visual environment
          • Health and safety of communities
          • Respect for cultural heritage

          • Selection of local labor
          • Selection of local suppliers

          • Occupational health and safety

          • Corruption prevention
          • Accountability of executives and managers

          • Occupational health and safety

          • Responsible use of technologies

          • Efficient use of financial resources

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          ESG Report

          We are pleased to share with you O3 Mining’s ESG Report, click here to learn about how we take care of the environment, our people, our communities and our governance practices.



          Report Highlights







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