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Mining Events 2022 — Why In-Person Mining and Investing Events Are More Important than Ever

June 1, 2022

O3 Mining

As all sectors continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic, many event conferences are returning to in-person formats this year. In-person engagement at conventions and events has a more significant impact on those working in the mining and mineral sectors and offers opportunities that digital channels do not. O3 Mining presented at a few major events last month, and will be attending some fantastic industry events in June as well. Visit our Mining Events Page to register or download agendas and brochures.


121 Mining Investment London — May 23–24, 2022

In May, O3 Mining presented at 121 Mining Investment London, which returned to its physical format, allowing executives from mining companies and investors to network face to face. 121 Mining Investment London offers a highly efficient use of time and resources, with two days of 1-on-1 meetings matching projects to investment capital and a conference program packed with market intelligence and investment ideas.


The Deutsche Goldmesse — May 27–28, 2022

The Deutsche Goldmesse is Germany’s premier investment conference, bringing together European investors and top mining corporations from explorers to producers across a wide range of commodities and stages. With organized 1-on-1 meetings, the conference continues to connect people in the mining industry while remaining true to its German roots.


Metals and Mining Events June 2022


The Metals Investor Forum — June 11–12, 2022

About the Metals Investor Forum

The Metals Investor Forum was founded with two main principles: Selectivity and Quality. 

The Metals Investor Forum offers an opportunity for investors to meet with management teams of some of the mining industry’s leading firms. The exhibitor lineup is hand-selected to ensure the high quality of the content and value. All presenters, exhibitors, and attendees are carefully chosen by The Metals Investor Forum newsletter authors, who assess the management of prospective companies, their project, commodity, jurisdiction, and financials to guarantee that investors receive expert advice and meet with only the best companies in the industry.

The first criterion on the list, strong management, is emphasized by all newsletter writers as critical to the success of a junior mining firm. A benefit of attending the Metals Investor Forum is the opportunity to meet face-to-face with mining’s top management to ask relevant questions about the outlook of their projects.


Tier 1 Mining Conference, THE EVENT of the North — June 19-21, 2022

Taking place at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec City, THE EVENT is Canada’s first Tier I Conference by invitation only for mining companies, accredited investors, institutions, and funds. THE EVENT will bring to a global audience the best of Canadian mining. It includes a diverse range of exploration, development, royalties, and production companies representing all minerals and precious metals. This event’s exciting feature is the CEO panel and interview, known as the “THE Talk.” THE EVENT will also include keynote speeches and panel discussions with well-known industry thought leaders. The agenda, which features companies, new sponsors, panels, and keynotes, is updated daily.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Mining Events in 2022

1. Learning from Subject Matter Experts

Regardless of your experience or education, there is always something new to learn from someone else. Attending mining conferences and conventions allows learning from other investors and leaders in the commodities and precious space.


2. Networking Opportunities

Nothing is more valuable than face-to-face engagement in today’s digital environment, where most communication occurs online. Networking events enable these crucial interactions and the formation of contacts. The benefit of networking events is that they frequently allow for speed networking, which allows for several exchanges in a short amount of time. You can significantly expand your network within this industry by attending a mining event.


3. Learn More About Upcoming Projects

As an investor, attending events can shed light on potential industry developments and projects, giving you an idea of the company’s financial outlook.


4. A Catalyst for Partnerships

Face-to-face interactions can help establish trust and provide the groundwork for a future partnership. Investors frequently attend networking and conference events to know the industry’s up-and-coming companies and vice versa.


5. Inspiration

It’s easy to gain inspiration when you start networking with like-minded people. Knowing what other players are doing in the space might motivate you to invest in a promising company. Many investors leave events with new ideas and often a list of companies to start researching.


Bottom Line:

Attending a networking or conference event will undoubtedly provide you with new information, regardless of your sector.

Networking and conference events are critical for event success, including gathering inspiration, learning about the business, increasing recognition, and making vital connections. 

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