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Mining Jobs in Canada 2022 — Careers in the Mining Sector

May 30, 2022

O3 Mining

Mining jobs in Canada — Updated — New openings as of May 30, 2022 

Mining jobs in Canada can be very rewarding, both personally and financially, and there is room for growth in many companies. Canada’s mining sector is one of the largest globally and plays a significant role in supporting the national economy. As the Canadian mining sector continues to evolve, new job openings arise that call for a wide range of talents. The mining industry provides a tremendous opportunity for skilled students and new grads with diverse backgrounds from finance and design to extraction and reclamation. With innovation, new technologies, and automation transforming the future of the sector, there are several prospects for the next generation of Canadians entering the mining workforce.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on nearly every sector. The near-instantaneous economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 closure has wreaked havoc on both large and small businesses. The companies that managed to stay afloat had to act quickly, pivoting to business models that allow for both short-term survival and long-term resilience and growth. With the threat of new variants of COVID-19 still looming, the effects of the pandemic will most likely be felt for several years, if not permanently. As with the Great Recession of 2008–2009, the implications of this incident will take several years to realize or comprehend in its entirety. Changes in the labour force structure, including hiring procedures and in-demand skills, have directly resulted from the pandemic.

When we see mining depicted in the media, we typically see a hardhat worker with a pickaxe in hand, ready to descend into a deep, dark mining shaft. In reality, there are many facets to mining. There is a wide array of mining jobs available both before and after the extraction phase, many of which demand unique sets of talents.

Mining and exploration companies frequently hire for roles unrelated to actual excavation, many of which are offsite. Locations vary, but the majority of positions are located near a mine or exploration site or in a corporate office setting. At each of these sites, you can find a wide variety of work opportunities. Corporate offices typically search for people to work within finance, administration, marketing, and IT — these positions play a significant role in core business function and success. Some corporate jobs include communications coordinators, accountants, financial analysts, executive assistants, human resources professionals, and many more.

Mining jobs can be either in a corporate office or on site.

Canadian Mining Industry Overview

The Canadian mining industry has a steady number of mining jobs available and a variety of ways to apply for them. You might not expect many jobs since hundreds of skill sets are necessary to keep the industry going. The mining industry has made significant contributions to Canada’s economic strength. The sector directly employs 392,000 people in mineral extraction, smelting, fabrication, and manufacturing across the country and indirectly employs an additional 327,000 people. With approximately 16,500 jobs, the mining industry is also the largest private-sector employer of Indigenous peoples. In 2019, the mining sector generated $109 billion, or nearly 5% of Canada’s total nominal GDP, both directly and indirectly. Mining remains one of Canada’s most vital industries despite the recent economic downturn and companies across all sectors downsizing.

Mining Jobs and Career Opportunities

Gold Mining Companies in Canada have many areas of employment, each of which consists of multiple individual functions. The following are some mining jobs people land when they choose a career in the mining sector.

Exploration Roles

Qualified persons, geologists, geo technicians, and hydrogeologists are all professions in mining exploration. These people play a vital role in validating the feasibility of a project before it starts. They provide:

  • Ongoing optimal ore classification.
  • Accurate identification of mineralization.
  • Supervision of extraction throughout the duration of the project

Mining exploration entails determining potential exploration areas, legally securing the rights to mine the sites, and validating the economic and environmental feasibility to proceed to the mining production phase.

Mining Engineering Jobs

Mining engineers possess a varied skill set to assist with various mine-engineering tasks, such as planning and scheduling, ventilation, ground control. They are in charge of conceiving, designing, and developing best practices for mining engineering processes, procedures, and techniques to enable target achievement. They often serve as role models for safety programs to promote a healthy culture among all workers who work in or with the Technical Services Department. Other mining engineering jobs include planning engineer and project engineer. People in this industry frequently design mines and mining equipment both on-site and from an office, applying complicated engineering principles, GIS, and theory to identify the most efficient, effective manage complex projects.

Mining jobs in Canada | Mining engineering is just one of the technical roles in the mining industry.

Construction Positions

A construction manager, project manager, project control, project coordinator, estimator, and planner/scheduler are among the mine construction roles. This type of mining profession is a more hands-on, practical application of the engineering jobs discussed above. They are involved in creating and monitoring construction schedules, supporting engineering designs in terms of constructibility and timeliness. Construction roles collaborate with contractors to meet project safety, quality, plan, and cost objectives. Positions in the construction area are more hands-on and include building scaffolding and preparing other equipment to begin the extraction/excavation process.

Operations Positions

COO, VP Operations, general manager, mine manager, head mining engineer, and are all jobs in mining operations. These positions require planning and structure to ensure that a mining operation runs well in both the short and long term. Monitoring working conditions (air quality is a crucial component of mining), ESG, preserving waste material, and overseeing vital services, such as labs and offices, are just a few of their responsibilities.

Mining jobs in Canada offer opportunities in diverse and inclusive environments.

Metallurgist/Processing Mining Jobs

Metallurgists combine metallurgical modelling data and methods to crushing/grinding circuits and comminution processes.

Some mining jobs under the metallurgist and processing umbrella include vice presidents, managers, engineers, superintendents, general foremen, lab supervisors, and lab technicians. As the name implies, Metallurgists work with metals — while the occupation has existed for several years, its modern form often entails separating waste from precious metals and minerals in mined deposits. 

Human Resources Positions

HR Directors, managers, recruiters, and training coordinators are all examples of human resources roles. Like any other industry, HR in mining is responsible for overarching aspects of employment, such as labour regulations.

Mining Jobs Resources

If you’re interested in starting an exciting career in mining in Canada, begin by doing some research. Unlike other sectors, the winter months are quite busy, and you might find many openings in the late fall. If you’re not sure if you qualify, review some job descriptions. Do they require specific safety training or certificates? Continuing learning plays a key role in a successful mining career, and there are many courses explicitly geared toward mining.

Bottom Line:

Mining jobs often pay well, and there is room for growth in many companies. As the mining industry in Canada continues to grow, so do the employment opportunities. If you want a rewarding career, both financially and personally, the mining sector might be for you. 


O3 Mining Jobs in Canada — Current Opportunities

1. Spécialiste en communications (target montreal, Quebec city)


2. Technicien senior GIS/BD (target montreal, Quebec city)


3. Agent de liaison – Relation avec les communautés (target Val-d’or, Amos, Rouyn Noranda)



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